letstrythis (1)

Somebody told me once that I’m a good writer. Some other people pointed out that I seem to really love videogames, and know a lot about them. Then, someone else said i should do something with my knowledge and appreciation for videogames. So, here I am.

Videogames have been a happy part of my life from since I could remember; my mom helping my brother and I beat bowser on the SNES is one of my earliest, fondest memories. Gaming exists to entertain us and give us pleasure, and it’s my favorite pastime, because no other medium can deliver on the same level that a well made videogame can.

I encourage anyone who visits my blog to share their thoughts and feelings, because that’s what I really appreciate the most about this. If you enjoy my rants, please give me a like so I have a chance to follow your work as well.


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